Wednesday, June 28th, 2006
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Flooding, Day 2


Court St. Bridge 10:08

Court St. Bridge 12:52

The Views from Court St. Bridge

Looking at Clinton St. Bridge

Looking at Riverside Bridge

View from Robertson's Parking Lot

Clinton St. Railroad Underpass

Clinton St. - Empire Motors - Getting Ready

Some Confused Ducks

Views from Clinton St. Bridge
Looking at Court St. Bridge

Pictures taken 1 Second Apart

Water Level

Clinton St. Bridge

Looking North from Clinton Bridge

Pictures taken 1 Second apart

Binghamton Regency Hotel's Parking

Behind a house on Front St. and Clinton St.



U Save Auto

Corner of Front St. and Prospect St.

Pataki is Flying in, and checking out the area!

Riverside Drive

Rt. 201 North
Explosion (and Fire) at the Body Shop on Riverside Dr.
Note that the Fire trucks can't get there - Roads are Flooded!


The View from Robinson Hill

Shady Dr.

Hooper Road

NYS Police


JC Fields and Toy's R Us

Gander Mountain

The Johnson City Flood Wall (Under Route 201)

Oakdale Rd. Water flowing through storm Drains


View from the Apalachin Bridge


Endicott Airport