Sunday, December 4th, 2005
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Western Broome County

Main Street Binghamton

Overlooking Johnson City

Route 17 West

BMW Dealership - Endicott

Endicott Price Chopper

North Street Westbound

Cider Mill - Endicott

The Old Custard Corner

Carden Hill - Endicott

Barnes Ave - Endicott

Carden Hill - Endicott

Route 26

Route 26 South - Endicott

Nanticoke / Main Street Corner - Endicott

Church "Bell" - Endicott

Pizza Hut - Endicott

Funeral Home - Endicott

Village West Apartments - Endicott

Route 17C Eastbound

Vestal Avenue - Endicott

North Main Street - Vestal
Advanced Auto Parts
New & Old

Vestal Gazibo

View of Endicott

Vestal Swiming Pool

Vestal Parkway / Clayton Avenue - Vestal

4 Corners Parkway Subway - Vestal

North Main Street - Vestal

Vestal's Rail to Trail - Vestal

The Plantation House

Stop at Donkin' Donuts - Endicott

Endicott Inn

Union Endicott High School

Endicott Fire Station

Vestal Avenue - Endicott

Old Vestal Road, Eastbound

Day and Night

The Shoppes at Vestal

Parkway Subway - Vestal

Endicott Arch

Vestal Fire Station (Rounds House)

Vestal Avenue Bridge

New Quiznos??? Main Street, Westbound - Endicott

Washington Avenue Church - Endicott

Entering the Night - Vestal Parkway West

Exxon Gas Station - Vestal Parkway West


Route 17 Eastbound

Exxon Gas Station - Downs Avenue - Binghamton